An experience plus quantum based model of existence – the facts

  •  As I have written in this book, the Absolute, or Ultimate, although prior to experience, can become your own knowledge.
  • There is an instance which I call Universal Awareness, which allows us to access information throughout all space and all time. Everyone can prove this for themselves by earnestly performing exercises designed to support opening their perception in this dimension.
  • Quantum physics – which is proven by many thousands of experiments – implies clearly that there is no objective reality, that nothing exists when no observation or measurement is made (i.e. no instance is becoming aware of it). The mathematical equations of quantum mechanics describe all the possibilities of what may be the result of an observation, and how these possibilities evolve over time. The act of observation is said to “collapse” all these possible outcomes into the particular measured result. The crucial point here is, that in fact there is no field, or ‘smeared’ particle, which exists before the observation – the mathematical equations describe the different probabilities of what we would observe, if we observed. Put in Annas words: “A ‘measurement’ is not really measuring something that was there all along, it produces the property being measured.”

There is no quantum world. There is only an abstract quantum mechanical description. It is wrong to think that the task of science is to find out how nature “is”.
Niels Bohr

Quantum mechanics does not match our personal experience, the so-called classical reality, where a pen is a pen and not a range of possibilities of being some sort of pen somewhere. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that our experienced reality only exists due to the simple fact of some aware instance noticing it. Indeed, quite a few quantum physicists have even posed the question: Is the moon still there when no-one is looking at it? That’s a human-centric question, and my answer is that yes, it’s there – because Universal Awareness is observing it.

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