An experience plus quantum based model of existence – the model

Based on the previously noted facts, I arrive at this model:

  • The Absolute, or Ultimate, a state prior to all awareness and experience, is the one and only foundation of all else.
    Why I state this: It is possible to come to personal knowledge of the existence of the Absolute, see (the book article) ‘The Absolute (realised)’.
  • Universal Awareness is original and non-individuated. A Beingness without any “I am”, in the sense that “I” implies “not I”.1 This is difficult for individual beings to imagine, but since we are each a miniscule part of the One we can perceive it.
    Why I state this: You can prove the existence of Universal Awareness for yourself by repeating appropriate exercises and thinking about the implications of your experience.
  • Universal Awareness itself would per se have nothing to be aware of except its own Self, so we can call it impersonal awareness. Effectively nothing would happen – no time or space and therefore no events, so there would be just Awareness, as a quality.2 To explain the perceived manifest world we need a further instance: Great Consciousness, where mentation occurs – things like intention, comprehension and discernment. So Great Consciousness imagines the space, time and events, thus giving Universal Awareness the visions to make ‘real’ by observing them.
    Why I suggest this: We experience a complex and evolving world – space, time and events. Original and non-individuated Awareness itself is only the Noticing, but there would be no development, no evolution, nothing happening at all if Awareness were all there is.

1 As a friend pointed out, Universal Awareness could be an “organ or sensor of perception of the Source”.

2 The same friend offered this: “Or it simply perceives all of itself, but can’t do anything with it.”

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