Beingness and I Amness

Today I noticed that this website as yet contains nothing about the ‘ness’ topic – the quality of noticing Being. So here goes:

The ‘ness’ extension indicates a quality rather than a statement of existence.


Beingness is the term I use for the quality or essence of Universal Awareness. The question is, is Universal Awareness, the Self, aware of itself, of its own existence?

There is no subject or object in the Self, just primeval, all-encompassing and all-manifesting Awareness. When an individual thinks ‘Cogito ergo sum’ – I think, therefore I am – then this is a mental process with a subject: “I”. But the Self is before individuation, and before any cogitation, so it can’t be thinking “I am”.

So in a similar way to Stories being what Great Consciousness does, Beingness is the quality of Universal Awareness bringing all of manifestation into being. Note that this is not a question of will or decision, as such things happen on the level of Consciousness. It is simply that facet of the all-creating Trinity which is the Witness.

The ocean.

I Amness

I use it to mean the quality of noticing existence in individual beings, with no further adjectives applying, i.e. something very basic. It does however have a subject: The ‘I’. Thus: The subjective noticing of the fact of one’s own existence.

A drop in the ocean.

Note that without the ocean – The Witness – there could be no drops in the ocean. In the process of individuation, a setting up of boundaries, that Self which has no “I” has brought forth myriads of sentient beings, which all do have their subjective “I”. When you realise yourself to be a grain of sand on infinity’s shore, all of which is the Self, you’ll realise that I Amness is totally dependent on, a product of, Beingness. And also how vain and incorrect any assumption of separateness is.

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