Don’t forget love, Mr. Rubin

At breakfast today I was listening to a song out of my youth, by Lesley Duncan. Together with some other songs in the collection, it reminded me so much of my own youthful emotions. Well, I am one of the good ol’ flower-power, hippie generation…

Don't forget love, Mr. Rubin

Oh Timothy, you look like a poppy seed

The Mr. Rubin song refers to Jerry Rubin, a co-founder of the American Youth International Party: The goal was a decentralized, collective, anarchistic nation rooted in the borderless hippie counterculture and its communal ethos. But their attitude was aggressive, confrontative, and in Duncan’s view very lacking in love. Other songs of hers were concerned, for example, with love as a basic paradigm for life, but also recognising that there are grey men pulling strings, behind those apparently in power.

And I sat there thinking: OMG has nothing changed? We live in a time at the end of a Kondratieff cycle, our compound interest debt-based fiat money is on the heart-lung machine, almost everywhere it seems that the style of government is becoming more autocratic, the Taliban have just marched into Kabul (how sad I am for the women living there), loss of civil liberties, confrontation and aggression on all sides… The list could go on and on.

How so when fifty years ago (!) so many of us had recognised the external structures and their associated belief patterns, and demonstrated for peace and love? What came of it?

What we can say is, that nowadays, due to the internet, there is a huge amount of information available to most people. And indeed, not a few see (some of) what’s going on. But the dark side of the internet is also there: The darknet, child porn, criminal energy, spying (Pegasus) – and worst of all, the manipulation of opinions (a lot more than most people might think). In my view, the internet has not made things better, or worse – it has simply raised the stakes on both sides, made things more intense and less easy to ignore.

Something has changed: My Self

The litany above was written by the mind-energy-body organism Tim Reeves. But there is another side to him, and now it has taken the baton. Where ‘I’ am, there is in fact no ‘I’, only a non-separate aspect of the Self. This aspect knows that the Divine brings forth all things, must bring forth all polarities, in perfect balance at the end of all days. In this knowledge is a kind of peace, an understanding of literal inevitability. And a preference for everything over nothing – nothing being the only other option to everything. Through Tim a few articles got written in ‘his’ book, which illustrate what is being said here in more depth:

Sin and Guilt – monstrosity of mind

> Things cannot be other than they are

The balance of life is zero

You don’t always get what you deserve

On war and other such madness

In the final instance, all we can do is accept that which is. Our suffering is the result of our (all too understandable) judgemental attitudes. Understand yourSelf as the air inside a soap bubble; do not identify with the bubble. When the bubble bursts, it will be gone. But the air will be released.

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