DTFE – Example Exercises

Strewn throughout this book are quite a few hints and outlines of exercises. Here are five example exercises described fully, so that you can try them for yourself.

For all exercises:

  • As far as possible drop any expectations.
  • Before you start relax, allow time for thinking to recede and noticing to expand.
  • Don’t judge the exercise or yourself negatively if you don’t have much success initially. Tomorrow will be another, different day. Some things take a lot of practice.
  • Even exercises which can be done alone profit from being done with a friend – because then you can compare your experiences afterwards, and check out if your experiences match in their essence, e.g. what was your experience with this tree? Corroboration is the only way to be certain that you experienced something real rather than just imagining it.
  • The last part of every exercise: Reflect on your experiences, and what they imply about the underlying nature of existence.
  • Don’t try too hard.

Do, or do not. There is no try. Master Yoda

DTFE – Example Exercises

Yeah, but even Yoda was mortal…

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