Dualities (blind, asleep)

This is where almost everybody is at, the social consensus. Life is full of situational and emotional opposites, such as healthy or sick, calm or upset, hungry or replete, happy or sad – and people want the one, and strive for it, and reject the other. In a world of limited resources, this striving, in particular from an egoistic standpoint (rather than an altruistic one), leads to competition. The competition spawns winners and losers – the rich and the poor, those with a life partner and those unhappily alone, the powerful and the impotent… The losers are unhappy with their situation, and in fear that it could get even worse; the (current / partial) winners are in subtle or explicit fear of losing what they have. Subjective suffering is rampant, uncertainty is widespread, and fear of loss, fear of the future are huge topics in this state. This is a really shitty state, and many try to escape it by shutting their eyes, by suppressing what is actually obvious about their situation. Relaxed and happy? Not the norm here 

Oh dear – give me a sack full of Ego and a baseball bat… 

Why all this subjective suffering? It’s caused by a judgemental attitude to: Polarities.

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on Dualities (blind, asleep)

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