Great Mind and small mind

It’s time to look into Consciousness and consciousness. From the very beginning, as the big bang began our space-time Universe, Great Consciousness was behind it all, telling the Stories of an expanding, super-hot Universe – aeons before there was any chance for sentient beings to exist. I hold it for possible that sentience appeared long before there were planets with water, which could bring forth beings like ourselves. For example, magnetic patterns in stars. But that’s just an exercise in keeping our minds broad – the point is, that we see sentient beings now – humans and the higher animals.

With sentient beings, Great Consciousness has evolved to tell the Stories of myriads of beings with their own individual consciousnesses. And now it begins to get really interesting: Because we each have our little consciousnesses, our small minds, what we think and do is also creative and shaping. If we think about the common good, and work towards it, we will create it. The more people doing that will create a society more and more oriented towards the common good. But if we live in fear, in a mentality of lack, and fighting for resources, then we will create suffering and war.

So: Have we become angels, assisting Great Consciousness and taking some of its load? We would be flattering ourselves to think so – our egos would probably like this idea. But it is not so: Each sentient being is itself a Story, being told by Great Consciousness. Ultimately there is only the Trinity, and all shaping of events is the work of the Divine. The next article elaborates this topic. See also at the end of the book: ‘Mind (small and Great)’.

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