Is Great Consciousness compassionate?

Phew, what a damn good question! Some thoughts on it:

Firstly, what can we observe? As I have already written, my observation of liberated beings is that the actions of Great Consciousness through them seem to be compassionate. But then we must ask the question, which part or aspect of Great Consciousness are they manifesting? After all, Great Consciousness is the totality of all Stories, and when it speaks through a person, it’s just a miniscule part of that totality coming through. We could even speculate: A part which is in resonance with the liberated being. Thus a part which is aligned with the enlightened experience of non-separateness, and thus automatically compassionate.

Yet when we look around us, at all the strife, war and horrific things which happen, now and in the past, we must also find an explanation for what is shaping all that misery.

I suggest that the solution to this riddle is implied in my book article ‘The balance of life is zero’, where I describe how even the balance of polarities in a (now) very mature race is balanced by their thoughts and deeds on the way to that maturity. I suggest that even Great Consciousness is, prior to experience which shapes it, immature and as such totally capable of being as nasty as the worst we can observe. It is the more experienced facets of Great Consciousness which are compassionate, in the same way that each of us can develop compassion as we mature by reflecting on our experiences.

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