Spiritual discoveries

The experiences and insights depicted in the following articles describe individual aspects of spiritual growth. Think of them like Lego bricks or different coloured carpet tiles. Someone has the yellow and the orange bricks, another has the green and the blue ones. The order of discovery can differ. Many people are not interested in Lego bricks, which is fine too.

I have listed these different aspects (states or facets) in the order in which I experienced them myself. In the first three (from bottom up) – dualities, polarities and mutuality – I see a sequential logic, so they will most likely be experienced in that order. Regarding the other aspects, I can well imagine that they can ensue in any order.

The seven states, or facets, which are to be dis-covered, form the basis of my seminars: DTFE and get Enlightened. The identification of these different elements, and formulating their clear descriptions, laid the foundation for selecting appropriate exercises which lead to the personal discovery of these facets.

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