Spiritual Terminology

To Notice / AwarenessVerb and noun for sensory perception – noticing that something exists or is happening, but before any qualities are assigned to it.
PerceptionNoticing is processed to a recognition / mental picture.
ConsciousnessThis is where we start to think about what we have perceived. All too often we make a value judgement about it.
The all-creating Trinity – see my book for details.
Absolute or UltimateThat which underpins all, the foundation of Being.
An ineffable, non-experiential state prior to all Being.
Universal AwarenessPrimeval Awareness before any individuation – noticing the fact of existence without subject / object. It contains and connects all Noticing – one instance, yet the sum of all Noticing.
The Self. The ocean.
As demonstrated by quantum mechanics, observation by an Awareness creates manifestation – there are no pre-existing ‘things’ independent of Awareness.
Great ConsciousnessAll creative mentation, such as comprehension, discernment and intention. The Stories of Consciousness shape manifestation. They imagine that which Universal Awareness makes ‘real’ by noticing it. Stories develop, becoming complexer.
The DivineA convenience term to denote both Universal Awareness and Great Consciousness. Together they create and shape manifestation. One cannot say that either was before the other, nor that one acts and the other consumes. They are different aspects of one process.
The Trinity = The Ineffable Absolute + The Divine.
BeingnessBeingness is the quality or essence of Universal Awareness.
I AmnessThe quality of an individual being when it notices or thinks about its own noticing – its sense of existing.
Mind (small / Great)A set of cognitive faculties. Small mind = thoughts of an individual; Great Mind is the mind of Great Consciousness.
StoriesGreat Consciousness is one instance: Consciousness is what it is, and Stories are what it does. I find the term Stories very helpful for us to envisage how existence works.
The StorytellerAnother name for Great Consciousness
Cognition, mentationPosh words for (rational?) thinking.
DTFEAnalogous RTFM, my exhortation is Do The F***ing Exercises.

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