Stories shape Manifestation

It started as a discussion of how to improve my digestion, which has been slightly problematical for many years.

Me: Maybe I should get an injection of super poo in my guts to get the right balance of gut bacteria?Friend: Well you could simply drink EMA [activated effective microorganisms], there’s a special type for the guts, it has about 33 different types of organisms.

Me: Oh that can’t be enough, there are hundreds of different types of bacteria in the guts.Friend: But the EMAs can create other missing types of organism as well.

Hm, I thought, this sounds a bit like one of those ‘esoteric’ theories and not so ‘scientific’ at all. As noted in my book, I’m a guy with one foot in both camps, the spiritiual and the scientific.

Me: But experiments with petri dishes put out around schools and in toilets have proven that there are a few of almost anything almost everywhere, it’s amazing what grows on those petri dishes. And what about women who get vaginal candida – as far as I have heard there are always a few spores hiding in bodily niches, the problem is when for some reason, bodily or psychosomatic, the balance is lost and one type of organism suddenly has the right conditions for growth.Friend: I don’t assume that candida spores are always there.Me: But when biologists take a smear sample from a healthy vagina and cultivate it, then candida can be found.Friend: Ha, you write so much about Stories and the working of the Divine – so how about if the expectation of the scientists doing that experiment, which from a mechanistic viewpoint must contain some candida spores, actually creates the spores observed?

I became still, let the picture grow in my mind – and thought “Hot dang, she’s right, and I’ve been caught in the ‘scientific assumption’ trap.”

I also remembered a saying of one of my teachers (Julie Henderson), that when a Tibetan Tulku says ‘Anything is possible’ he means it literally.

I’ll leave it there for now, simply inviting comments if anything is unclear or you have a different viewpoint to offer.

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