The emergence of boundaries

Without boundaries, all of existence would be one vast continuum, one huge bowl of porridge. Boundaries within Manifestation allow structure to exist, at all imaginable levels; and they also create the illusion of separateness.

Right after the ‘Big Bang’ which created our universe, the content of the universe was very uniform, an unimaginably hot gas (a plasma), with hardly any structure. Barring quantum fluctuations, it was One, as is the Divine itself. As the universe expanded and cooled its material content condensed into ever more structure – galaxies, stars and later planets were born, structures which enable life as we know it.

I find it interesting to note that what we now perceive as a multitude of separate galaxies, star clusters, stars and planets, and even on one planet as separate elements, such as rocks, water, air and so on, was all originally one plasma. So even the bodies of different people were once all part of that one plasma. Is this a valid analogy for the development of Great Consciousness? Is it possible that this original non-separation is still extant, still available, at some level?

Well, you may say, that was then and this is now. To which I may reply: Don’t be too quick with assumptions based only on observation of the status quo, of our consensus experience of daily life. Experiment to push out the limits of perception – an open mind and earnest practice will prove them to be way beyond most peoples dreams. The challenges which can ensue when Non-local Perception1 has become a (recurrent) part of your experience are the subject of the following articles.

1 Explained in an article in the book, in the section on Enlightened Experience.

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