The nature of boundaries

First of all, let’s put the cart back behind the horse: The Divine is one, undivided, yet it manifests a multitude of apparently individual phenomena, some of which are mind-energy-body organisms. Thus in their essence, in their source, all these apparently individual phenomena are actually all part of one picture, one symphony. And therefore the first question we must ask is “How or why did the ‘story’ of separateness arise in mind-energy-body organisms?”

Here‘s a couple of ideas on that topic: (a) The mystical idea: Through clumping together of small localised areas of consciousness units into clusters, which are the causal force behind an apparent individual. The cosmic analogy for that would be how primeval hydrogen gas clumped together to make stars, solar systems and galaxies. If a planet like the Earth could look around and see Mars, it might well decide that it is separate from Mars; but at a much earlier stage of the universe, all the component parts of both planets were all part of one huge dust cloud (from which our whole solar system was born). (b) The evolutionary idea: As our brains evolved to be ever more complex and specialised, with ever more ‘stories’ about ‘me’ going on in them, it was necessary to increasingly create barriers to noticing the unimaginable vastness of Universal Awareness. That vastness – in fact the existence of all space and time – would totally overwhelm a single mind, the mind which is a part of an individual organism – and trying to be in control of the personal situation and destiny to boot.

Remember this as we now look at the different levels on which boundaries can be found. And note that I am not implying any blanket judgement here. Boundaries are not ‘bad’ – or ‘good’ – of themselves; it always depends on the context, the specific situation in the here and now.

On the physical level, you have a clear boundary – basically, your skin. Within that, your physical body is located, outside of that is no part of your physical organism. This is a very clear boundary and as long as we remain incarnated, it remains a given fact.

The book contains two sub-articles: ‘Energetic Level’ and ‘Level of Attention’

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